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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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We understand the entertainment industry, and the people in it.

Staff UPDATE: Welcome Garry AND Best Wishes to Ron!

As of January 31st, we will be saying goodbye to our esteemed Ron Davidson and welcoming Garry Jones into the fold as our new Mortgage Account Manager.

Garry Jones has worked in the credit union system for almost 20 years and provides services as an internal auditor and consultant for many credit unions. He has top notch credentials and brings a wealth of experience which includes auditing our provincial regulator (DICO) for the Ontario Ministry of Finance. His knowledge and advice have been instrumental in supporting us the last few years and we are lucky to have him on board.

Ron Davidson has been with CASCU since we opened our doors and has been a major contributor to building the credit union over the last 10 years to where we are today. We wish Ron well and cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and dedication in supporting our members.  

Welcome aboard Garry! and THANK YOU Ron!



UPDATE: Welcome Garry / Best Wishes to Ron!

Please join me in welcoming Garry Jones who is joining CASCU on a part-time basis as our new Mortgage Account Manager. And a big THANK YOU to Ron Davidson who will be leaving us. Read more...

Look Who's Talking

Shelley Cook recalls a time when she approached one of the big banks for a loan. “I told them I was a stunt girl and they said ‘Do you have a real job?’ “ Read more...

Deposit Insurance

Did you know that deposits in Creative Arts Savings & Credit Union are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario? So you can rest comfortably knowing your deposits are safe.   Learn more... 


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