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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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We understand the entertainment industry, and the people in it.

ACTRA Members speak up about credit union membership

Stunt veteran Shelley Cook talks about getting control of her finances with the help of Creative Arts…

In stunt work, it’s all about physical flexibility and managing acceptable risks.

That’s the way it is with Creative Arts, too. When it comes to serving the banking needs of entertainment professionals, we can be more flexible than our competitors. And we don’t view self-employment and variable income as high-risk. That’s because we understand the arts industry and how it works.

“You’ve got to be in it to understand it,” says Shelley. “Creative Arts gets it.”

A regular of the Saw features and the hit TV series The Bridge, St. Catharines-born Shelley Cook has been Canada’s foremost stunt woman for more than 25 years. Shelley has doubled for Hollywood stars from Carol Burnett to Mira Sorvino, as well as Canadian icons like Leslie Hope and Wendy Crewson.

A veteran performer with a stable, steadfast career, Shelley recalls a time when she approached one of the big banks for a loan. “I told them I was a stunt girl and they said ‘Do you have a real job we can put down on the application?’ Imagine that – a ‘real’ job. I had been in the business for 15 years.”

Shelley now has her mortgage with the credit union, along with chequing and savings accounts. But it’s the sound advice she gets from Creative Arts which makes it her choice for individual banking. “I really appreciate their honesty and approachability.”

“In my job, I can be working for 14 months straight and then be off for six months. Creative Arts helped me get organized and plan for my financial needs, so I don’t get distracted from the task at hand. They looked at five years of my revenues, and advised me on what to do with my extra money when I’m up, so I have something in reserve when times are lean.”

If you aren’t getting the level of care you deserve from your bank, give Creative Arts a call at 416-642-6749 or 877-643-3660. Or email us.

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Look Who's Talking

Shelley Cook recalls a time when she approached one of the big banks for a loan. “I told them I was a stunt girl and they said ‘Do you have a real job?’ “ Read more...

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