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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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We understand the entertainment industry, and the people in it.

ACTRA Members speak up about credit union membership

A Collaborative Life…

Eminent actor and Council member Tabby Johnson shares her personal banking war stories…

“Arts is a collaboration,” notes Tabby Johnson. “The field, the script, the set. The credit union is the epitome of that. Having Creative Arts allows us, as actors, to help each other through co-operative banking.”

Best known for her roles on Big Comfy Couch and S.W.A.T., Swiss-born Tabby Johnson has been acting in theatre and TV in the United States and Canada since she was 12. In recent years, her love of children has drawn her to teaching art and writing in the Toronto school system. But she has some hard-knocks banking lessons she can teach all of us.

“I’m one of those people – actors – who bankers always believe should get a ‘real’ job. I was told by one bank manager to call myself a consultant – ‘Don’t tell anyone you’re an actor,’ he said. Another time, when I was seeking a loan extension, the bank manager explained that I didn’t really have a job and hadn’t worked enough – and this after decades of career success. Needless to say, he turned me down. Then, he asked for my autograph.”

Fed up with the banking community’s disrespect for her chosen profession, Tabby welcomed the arrival of Creative Arts. “Their people call you back, and they have time to spend with you. They understand what you’re asking for. They’re close to our industry, so they get it. They’re not looking to show you the door.”

One of the credit union’s Founding Members, Tabby has investment shares and chequing and savings accounts at Creative Arts. “I’m planning on opening a business account, because it’s foolish to try to manage my professional life through my personal chequing account.” She continued: “I’ve been waiting to switch my mortgage there, too, and it’s finally up. I would rather see the interest I pay generate help for other members than just go into bank profits.”

If you aren’t getting the level of care you deserve from your bank, give Creative Arts a call at 416-642-6749 or 877-643-3660. Or email us.

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